2 in 1 Black Gun Pressure Washer

2 in 1 Black Gun Pressure Washer

The Black Gun Pressure Washer is like no other. Fitted with a powerful 10AMP/1400W motor that produces a 1400PSI/1.28GPM spray force, it ensures that no type of dirt stands in the way of your hygiene-causing effort. It will clean your sidewalk, your walls, your algae-caked tiles, and anything in between.

180-degree swivel bracket

This pressure washer from Giraffe Tools is Kink-Proof and comes fitted with a 180-degree bracket that enables your unit to swivel, allowing you to clean from all directions. This eliminates any need for cord or hose pulling or even trying to pass the hose over your head to work better. The retractable hose ability minimizes chances of tripping, and the 140 ft hose length ensures coverage of a wide area without the need to unplug and move the washer.

Do you want it wall-mounted or self-standing?

This washer, however, is self-standing and can either be mounted onto a wall with screws or unplugged and carried around to wherever the job is. You won’t ever need to buy one for the front and another for the backyard.

Total Stop system

The Black Gun 2 in 1 Pressure Washer Total Stop system gives its motor the ability to stop automatically when not in use and switch to standby mode, thereby minimizing the usage of water and power.

Grease, dirt, and debris are washed away from any surface by the effective cleaning mechanism, removing any slipping or tripping risk as well as any unpleasant odor and related diseases.

Ceramic technology

The pressure washer is fitted with ceramic technology applied in the G-guiding system, which is credited with its prolonged lifetime. It has been estimated that your pressure washer will outlast any regular washer lifecycle by over 400%.

It is easy to operate and set up

The spray gun comes with a customized grip that reduces slippage from the user’s hand and allows ease of target use. It is designed with work ergonomics in mind, so it can be used for a long time without tiring.

Since it can be wall-mounted, you won’t need to set it up every time you need to use it. It will take up little storage space and it will be protected from the elements, thereby reducing wear and tear, and thus increasing the length of use and efficiency.

If you need to move the unit to several cleaning areas, simply detach it from the wall and carefully transport it to where you need to work that day. It is easy to carry, and the retractable hose rolls up neatly and nicely and won’t get in your way or create bulk.

Price, Delivery, and Warranty

You can now purchase this easy-to-use Black Gun pressure washer from Giraffe Tools for $159.99 delivered for free between 3 and 7 days. It also comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Two-color choice

Your Black Gun pressure washer can be ordered in either grey or black. It will come with a 4-mode nozzle, allowing you to easily switch and adjust the water pressure depending on the area you are cleaning.

The pressure washer is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.