6 Incredible Items to Put in an Advent Calendar Box

6 Incredible Items to Put in an Advent Calendar Box

In the 1800s, German Lutherans, a Christian denomination, marked the wall with chalk to count down the days until Christmas. Lighting a candle was also their way of tallying the days. That led to the introduction of the Advent calendar. It is a technique of summing up the days until Christmas. There has been an advancement from the traditional calendar to the advent calendar box in the modern day. Christmas days are now better and more enjoyable with these boxes since people use a custom calendar box differently. Any way that individuals utilize the boxes are acceptable as long they deliver their function.

How to Fill an Advent Calendar Box

Nowadays, people try to make everything as delightful as possible. Counting down days to Christmas is never the same again. With calendar boxes, kids and adults are excited to count down the days using the box since people choose to fill them with many exciting items. Here, you will know all the exciting stuff you can put in the advent calendar box to make Christmas enjoyable for your kids, friends, and other family members.

Pet's treats

Your fluffy friends can also enjoy the Christmas holiday just like human beings. Individuals use calendar boxes to put treats for their pets. Pets will surely enjoy the miserly advent calendar boxes. In addition to the treats, calendar boxes are also ideal sizes to fit small pet toys.

Puzzle pieces and games

If one plans fun activities during the Christmas holiday, calendar boxes will help immensely. Puzzle pieces can fit perfectly in the boxes. One can also fill the boxes with quick games, brain teasers, tricky questions, and treasure maps. These are fun activities that people can engage in to make Christmas even better.


Children love small outstanding toys like legos, small cars, dolls, and other small toys for kids. One can surprise kids with different toys as they count down the days. It will be exciting since the kids know there is a toy for every day as the days pass.

Beer and wine

The adults can also have fun with advent calendar boxes. Adults can also have enjoyable moments with little wine and beer bottles that fit in the boxes. Another way to fill the adults' calendar box is liqueur-infused chocolate or gummies.

Quotes and self-affirmations

Everyone loves morning self-affirmation. Instead of stickers to write an affirmation, it can be more encouraging when they are in a stylish custom calendar box. One can also print small quotes for each day and put them in the box.

Sweet treats

Both kinds and adults love sweet treats. One can hide treats in the calendar box and reveal a treat for each day. Kids and adults will always be anxious to know what treatment the next day holds, making it fun and exciting. Some treats suitable for calendar boxes are candy, snacks, chocolate, and other crunchy bites.


There are a lot of calendar boxes to choose from, with varying sizes and designs. All an individual must do is select the type of custom calendar box that suits their taste and need, and they can enjoy a Christmas holiday full of enjoyment.