Considerations for Choosing Plastic Channel Drains

Considerations for Choosing Plastic Channel Drains

Choosing the best drainage solution is the most important step to protect your place from standing water damage. Out of so many drainage solutions, installing plastic channel drains such as pool deck drains is the best ever decision. However, here are a few considerations that you must keep in mind while choosing plastic channel drains.

7 Considerations for Plastic Channel Drains

Here are brief insights into the most important 7 considerations that you must focus on while choosing plastic channel drains.

Size and dimension

The first and most important consideration is to check the size and dimensions of the plastic channel drains. Take measurements of the place where you want to install the plastic channel drains. In accordance with the place, decide on how long or how wide plastic drain channels you need. It’s better to talk to a professional in this regard to get the most reliable advice regarding size and dimension.


Secondly, it is also crucial to pay attention to the flow rate of channel drains. If you are buying channel drains for a relatively larger space where there is a heavy water flow, make sure to choose channel drains with a greater flow rate. However, the channel drains with medium to small flowrate are good picks for those spaces where the water flow is not much high.

Load bearing capacity

When you choose channel drains for public places such as parking lots, make sure to consider their load-bearing capacity. It is important because when large and heavy vehicles would pass over them, they shouldn’t break. Similarly, the load-bearing capacity of plastic channel drains on roads or other public places should be high. It would help them in bearing heavy loads without being damaged.

Maintenance and cleaning

Another important consideration for choosing channel drains is their maintenance and cleaning. The soil particles, debris, leaves, etc. may get inside the channel drains along with the flowing water. The channel drains should be the ones that require the least maintenance and no frequent cleaning. It is because no one has this much free time to maintain and clean the channel drains at every other day. However, you need to maintain and clean them once in a while to assure their effective performance.

Appearance and aesthetics

Whenever you think about installing the channel drains, make sure that they must go with your space. The design, size, and color of the channel drains should be the ones that shouldn’t affect the aesthetics of your space. For this purpose, you can place a customized order to adjust the channel drains with the appearance of your location.

Compliance to laws

A very important consideration is to first figure out if the installation of channel drains at a particle location complies with the laws. Wherever you live or want to install the channel drains, make sure that the government would have no objection to it or that it doesn’t break any laws.

Weather resistant

Finally, the last consideration while choosing plastic channel drains is to assure that they are weather resistant. As they are usually placed outdoors under direct sunlight or rain, the chances of corrosion get higher. Similarly, they have to withstand their direct heat, storms, and other harsh weather conditions. Therefore, these plastic channel drains should be the most sturdy, durable, and resistant to all weather conditions.