Five Tips to Keep Your Laptop's Battery Healthy

Five Tips to Keep Your Laptop's Battery Healthy


With remote working and studying, we now carry our computers everywhere. If you want to study in the park or work from the beach, a good laptop has you covered. We recommend the HP, given its reliability and lightweight. It can also fit into your handbag. All you need is a fully charged laptop battery and a good internet connection. Batteries For Hp Laptop Computers are longer-lasting and are ISO 9001 certified. You can rely on them. Constant exposure of your laptop to the elements, however, can lead to premature wear and tear, especially of the battery.

Below, we share some tips to keep your computer or laptop battery in good shape.

How to make your laptop battery last.

Buy a genuine laptop battery:

In order to enjoy your laptop computer, we recommend that you buy a genuine battery. It is more long-lasting, up to 500 charge cycles, or two to three years. Genuine computer parts also come with after-sales service and can be replaced in the event of any fault.

Check the battery capacity:

Simply put, the larger the capacity, the longer the battery life. You want more time working from the beach, no? A high capacity will take you several hours, even if you don’t find a charging port. All batteries lose charging capacity over time, however, and it is important that you keep checking your battery status. Replace one as soon as the warning shows up.

Control Brightness:

Your laptop screen brightness is one of the biggest consumers of battery energy. Keep your screen at medium brightness and you will keep going for a long time. It is also recommended that you close any windows that you may not be using at the time.

Switch off when not in use.

When not using your laptop, switch it off as opposed to putting it in sleep mode. The computer still consumes power even in sleep mode. Avoid hot spots such as your car bonnet or close to the cooker in the kitchen. Extreme heat damages the battery. In fact, when not in use, store it in a cool place. Disable WIFI and Bluetooth functionality when not in use.

Look out for dust.

Laptop batteries have ventilation ducts that, when blocked, lead to fast wear and tear of the battery and laptop. Keep an eye out for dusty areas, and if you can't avoid them, use an air blower to clean your laptop on a regular basis. Although laptops allow you to work from anywhere, it is important not to place them on a pillow or blanket as you work because it blocks the ventilation ducts and leads to healing.


The better you look after your battery, the longer it will serve you reliably. However, even the best-maintained battery comes to the end of its useful life, and it is recommended that you replace it so you don’t suffer a blackout in the middle of a presentation or an examination. A genuine battery gives you more advantages and has so many hours on it. Invest in one and keep it well maintained.