How to Keep Your Head Band Wig Crisp and Durable?

How to Keep Your Head Band Wig Crisp and Durable?

Do you like to look beautiful without compromising your monthly budget? If your answer is yes, you should go for the head band wigs. Head band wigs provide you with comfort as well as ease of use like never before. However, everything requires some maintenance and the same goes for your headband wigs. If the wig is well-maintained, you would be able to use it for a longer period. So, how can you do that?

Steps for Having Long-lasting Hair Band Wig

To make the most out of your hairband wig,  there are a few steps that you need to take to enjoy your headband wig to the fullest.

Step 1: Gently Comb the Head Band Wig

The first step to achieving durability in a headband wig is to use a comb to disentangle your wig hair. The comb needs to be wide-tooth so that you may not face any hair loss. Another tip is to start from the bottom of your wig hair and proceed towards the top. By doing this, you would surely have crisp and disentangled hair.

Step 2: Wash it off with Water

The next step is to wash off the headband hair wig with water. Lukewarm water serves as the best alternative to avoid any damage. Both extremely cold and hot water would cause permanent damage to the natural hair fibers. It could also result in hair thinning causing frequent hair fall. It is usually advised not to rub the hair rather than gently wash it off with a damp cloth.

Step 3: Application of Shampoo

Just like when you are taking a bath, you should also apply a little amount of shampoo to the hair wig. By doing so you would be able to remove any dirt or dust accumulated when you were enjoying your time with your headband hair wig.

Step 4: Application of Conditioner

Conditioners are an essential part of making your hair wig last longer. It allows your hair to receive the required nourishment toward the base of the hair that will make them fresh and last longer. To use the conditioner, apply a small amount of conditioner and gently rinse it with water after a few minutes. It is advised not to apply conditions on the roots of the hair.

Step 5: Drying the Hair

For drying the wig hair, gently soak the hair against a soft towel and leave it to dry in the air. Try to avoid direct exposure to sunlight when the hair is wet to avoid any damage to the hair fibers.

Step 6: Comb and Shine

When the wig hair is dry, start combing it gently until the hair is disentangled. Now you are all ready to use your headband hair wig.

Concluding Remarks

Headband hair wigs are quite durable and can serve their purpose for a longer period. All you have to do is to take extra care of them just like you do with your hair. And after that, you will be free from any worries.