The Best Small Pod Suggestion You Won’t Ignore

The Best Small Pod Suggestion You Won’t Ignore

Vaping has been a part of life in the past few years. With a lot of countries banning cigarettes, several smokers are forced to change their smoking habits. Vaping is the best alternative to smoking. It has everything that a cigarette has but it does it better. With the rise in small pod vape lovers, it was necessary for a new design to come into the market that is discreet, easy to carry, and perfect for daily use. A small pod is something that has been discussed and expected by vape lovers for years now.

In this article, the features of small pods have been discussed.

What Makes It The Best Small Pod?

Small pods are important for people who enjoy smoking on the go. The craving for smoke can come anytime as a lot of people who vape are trying to stop smoking cigarettes, it’s important that they can satisfy their craving. These small pods are the best when it comes to helping people. They must have the following features which make a small pod different from other pod kits.

1. Should Fit In Pockets

Small pods are meant to be small in size as the name suggests. These pods are meant to be pocket friendly, and easy to carry. The dimensions of this pod have to be of smaller size, ensuring a discreet carrying experience.

2. Must Be Rechargeable

Having a rechargeable Pod is a game changer for vape lovers. In the long run, not only do rechargeable pods save money but they also help one to take care of the environment by reducing the carbon footprint.

3. Battery Life Should Be Long

Small pods need to pack a punch. They have to be small in size while giving the battery life of a normal-sized pod so that one can use them throughout the day without any issue. The charging time should also be quite less to ensure that the smoker can enjoy their vape without waiting for a long time.

4. Must Give The Feel Of Original Cigarette

The reason why vapes are the new cigarette is that they give the experience of a cigarette without the hassle of a cigarette. That is why any small pod has to be able to give the experience of a genuine cigarette to everyone who is vaping.

5. Smooth And Soft Vaping Experience Is A Must

It is essential that the vaping experience on the small pods are just as good as the ones on bigger pods, if not better. A smooth and soft vaping experience is absolutely necessary. With the right amount of flavor, the right amount of cloud, and convenient size, small pods are revolutionary in the vaping industry.

Which Vape Pod Fulfills All The Requirements?

Suorin Shine Pod

Suorin Shine Pod is one of the formidable vape pods that one can buy if they are looking for a small pod. With dimensions of 104mm by 24mm by 14 mm, this vape pod weighs only 47g making it one of the most dynamic vape pods to use. This vape pod comes with a silicone mouthpiece that is essential for a smooth vaping experience. It has a 700mAh battery that charges up in just 40 minutes and lasts the whole day. Suorin Shine Pod comes in several different colors and it has a convenient battery indicator that glows red when it needs to be recharged.


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