Tips For Maintaining Your Ginger Lace Wig

Tips For Maintaining Your Ginger Lace Wig

A ginger wig is among the best wigs you can get. The ginger color stands out from other standard colors and catches your attention from far. The color will also leave you guessing whether it is the persons' real hair or a wig. Most people are leaning towards such colored wigs due to their uniqueness. A ginger wig can last a couple of years if you maintain it well. Lace wigs are not cheap. So, giving proper care saves you the money you'd need to purchase a new wig. It also keeps the wig in good condition and makes it last much longer. We look at ways of maintaining your ginger lace wig below.

How to maintain your ginger wig

Just like you would develop a care routine for your skin or body, create one for your hair. Do it at least once every week, and you'll note the difference. Aside from that, do the following;

1. Plan to clean your lace wig

It's typical for women to want clean things. So, we try and wash them regularly to maintain the spark. However, this is different when it comes to wigs. As much as washing enhances the color and beauty of the wig, don't wash it every day. Too much washing strips oils from the hair, causing dryness and making it brittle. Clean it depending on how much you wear it. Use a good quality shampoo to wash and run your fingers gently through the hair to spread it.

2. Deep condition your ginger lace wig

Conditioning the hair is a necessary process when maintaining it. It opens up the hair cuticles for the absorption of products. If you have a damaged wig, deep conditioning helps to restore it. Such wigs are usually dry and dull, and the color seems to be fading away slowly. Applying a suitable conditioner helps brighten the hair to give it a shine similar to the original look. Make sure you cover the hair with a good amount of conditioner and massage it in. Leave it on for five minutes or more, then rinse the hair.

3. Dry the lace wig

Most materials are delicate when wet, and the ginger wig isn't an exception. After the washing and conditioning process, dry the hair through air drying or using a blow dryer. Whichever method you pick, ensure the hair dries fully. Don't use heat regularly as it damages the hair strands. Air dying has little to no disadvantages; hence your wig stays in perfect condition. You cannot wear a damp wig, and the thought of it smelling due to poor light exposure is quite severe.

4. Limit the wig usage

The more you use the wig, the more prone it is to deterioration. You can set aside the ginger wig for special events or outings only. Alternatively, get various types of wig for style versatility. When you wear one, the other one is resting in storage.

Final words

Ginger wigs are great pieces and can last for as long as you maintain them. Fit the tips above into your care package and any other that improves the wig's condition. Use good quality products and avoid regular heat treatments. Only wear the wig if necessary to prevent overusing, thus extending its longevity.