Why Buy A Pool Heat Pump?

Why Buy A Pool Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are air-to-air heat pumps that use natural air to heat the pool water. These pumps are now rapidly replacing traditional gas and fuel pumps because of their incredible performance and other benefits.

As the pool water temperature is always an issue in summer and winter, these pumps are designed as a permanent solution for every season. The key advantage of these pumps is that they can provide hot and chilled water simultaneously or when required.

What Are Pool Heat Pumps?

A pool heat pump usually consists of a compressor and fan to trap the natural air. As the natural air is hot because of the sun, the compressor turns the air into heat energy to maintain the water temperature.

The working mechanism of these pumps is very simple yet effective and automatic. Usually, the pumps, like the inverter pool heat pump, automatically set the water temperature according to environmental temperature. So, if you have cold weather, the water will be hot and vice versa.

However, this explanation might not be enough for many buyers looking for solid reasons to choose these pumps. So, below are some key benefits of these pumps that make them worth buying!

Why A Pool Heat Pump?

· Reduced Cost

A pool heat pump is a great way to save money on your energy bill because you use natural gas or propane as the heat source. These pumps do not require, expensive fuel; they work on electricity.

To reduce the energy bills, the heat pumps are designed with innovative technology to increase the Coefficient of Performance (COP) by about 6-8. The Aquark’s Mr. Perfect heat pumps come with the highest COPs that reduce energy consumption by up to 50%, even in traditional pumps.

Besides energy costs, these pumps' installation and maintenance costs are also meager because of their simple structure.

· Easy Maintenance

Regarding maintenance, pool heat pumps are straightforward to operate and maintain. They require little or no maintenance once installed in your pool.

Most have a low-voltage switch that allows you to turn the pump off and on quickly. Some even have an automatic restart feature if they run out of power while they are running. So, in such pumps, you only need to check that the filter is clean and clear of debris, as this will help keep your pump working at its best.

· Eco-Friendly

Heat pumps are better for the environment than gas or electric resistance heaters, giant toaster ovens that sit outside. It is because; there is no combustion and exchange of gases in these pumps. The pumps only use the natural air to produce heat that maintains the water temperature.

· Noise Free

Usually, the pumps come with the idea of noise production while working. However, the heat pumps are much quieter than gas and electric resistance heaters. So, you can easily enjoy your swimming time.

· Durability

With the perfect maintenance timing, you can extend the heat pump's life for years. This lifespan is way longer than any other gas or electric heater. Most heat pumps even work longer than that, like the Aquark’s Mr. Perfect heat pumps.


The heat pumps are highly recommended equipment to maintain your pool water temperature. Maybe you find these pumps a bit expensive at first. Still, their durability, performance, low maintenance, and incredible features reduce their overall cost and make them worth buying.